About Me

About Me

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My name is James Shaw, I am the CEO/Founder of Physique4Life.com and the author of the Live Lean Cookbook. A few years ago I made some shocking discoveries. I realised that almost everything I thought I knew about nutrition, health and weight loss was completley wrong.

After years of struggling with weight loss and never being able to achieve the six pack abs I dreamed of, I discovered that most so called “fitness experts” and even doctors, had got it all wrong when it comes to healthy weight loss. So I stopped listening to everyone else and started listening to my body.

I discovered that my low fat recipes was actually causing me to gain weight, Yes that right I said GAIN weight. I started eating more whole foods, healthy fats and the right type of carbohydrates and before I knew it I had dropped nearly 20 pounds of fat!

Today I am a personal trainer and dedicate my time to helping other people improve their relationship with food,  by revealing hidden food myths, misinformation, and show them how to make great recipes with real foods that deliver real fat loss results, to make you lean, healthy, and energetic.

Building the body you deserve doesn’t have to be hard and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring. Nutrition is the key to building the body you deserve, whether it’s to build muscle or lose weight it all starts in the kicthen.

I look forward too helping you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle and providing you with the tools and information you need to achieve the body you deserve.

Be sure to see my Live Lean Cookbook for access to more than 200 simple, healthy and delicious fat loss recipes.

If you have questions please join our friendly community on our Facebook page and/or the join our bodybuilding forum.


Train Hard, Eat Clean and Enjoy Life,

James Shaw
Personal Trainer & CEO